Based on recommendations from top Macromedia Flashdesigners, developers, and usability experts we’ve collected the top ten tips for creating usable Macromedia Flash sites.


These tips are just a start and we will continue to provide more usability research, studies and articles.


1、Remember User?Goals?记住用户的目标

Users typically come to a site with a goal in mind. Eachlink and click should meet their expectations and lead them toward their goal.When streaming your site, have key navigation links appear first, in case the user wants to get to another area in the site.Emulating common GUI elements will increase usability.


2、Remember Site?Goals?记住站点的目标

Site design should reflect business or client needs,effectively communicating the main message and promoting the brand. Yet site goals are best achieved by respecting the user experience, so site structure should reflect user needs, quickly leading the user to their goal and avoiding company or regional jargon.


3、Avoid Unnecessary?Intros?避免不必要的介绍引子

While intro animations are exciting, they often delay the user’s access to the information they seek. Always offer users either a Skip Intro command or alternative access to your home page. On their second visit to your home page, skip the intro animation altogether (use a client-side JavaScript cookie to accomplish this) then on the destination page give the option of returning to the animation.


4、Provide Logical?Navigation?and?Interactivity?提供符合逻辑的导航和交互

Keep the user oriented: Display the previous location and guide users to their next one. Remind users where they’ve been by programming links to change color after being visited.


Give users an easy exit from each major section of the site and an easy return to their starting point.


Clearly indicate each link’s destination. Keep navigation structures and nomenclature visible, rather thanhiding them until the user has triggered an event (such as a mouse over).


Make sure your buttons have well-definedhit areas.


Display primary site navigational elements first by using the streaming capabilities of Macromedia Flash.


Support back button navigation. To dothis using built-in browser forward and back navigation, separate Flash moviesinto logical chunks and place them on individual HTML pages. Alternatively, setup the movie to include a Flash-based Back Button that the user can use to return to a frame or scene that represents a logical previous page.


5、Design?for Consistency?设计的一致性

Consistency in user interface is the best way to improve your site’s performance. Reusing architecture elements, design elements, andnaming conventions frees the user’s attention for your message while they navigate to their goal, and it also aids site maintenance. You can use Smart Clips to reuse interactive elements through out the site, and have words and images from initial navigation links reappear on destination pages.

保持用户界面的一致性是提高站点可用性的最佳方式。重用结构性元素,设计元素和命名的习惯约定,可以使用户在浏览目标信息时注意力不被站点提示分散,并且还可以帮助维持站点主题的一致。您可以使用Smart Clips来在整个站点中重用交互元素,并用初始的导航链接重现目标页面上文字和图片。

6、Don’t Overuse?Animation??不要过度使用动画

Avoid unnecessary animations. The best animations reinforce the site’s goals, tell a story, or aid in navigation. Repeated animations on text-heavy pages distract the eye from the message of the page.


7、Use?Sound Sparingly?谨慎使用声效

Sound should enhance your site but not be indispensable. For example, use sound to indicate that the user has just triggered an event.Always provide on, off, and volume control on screen, and remember that sound significantly increases file size. When you do use sound, Macromedia Flash will compress music into small MP3 files and even stream it.


8、Target Low-Band width?Users?考虑低带宽用户

The smaller the download, the better. The initial screen download should be no more than 40k, including all Macromedia Flash files,HTML, and images. To reduce download time, use smaller vector-based images(unless the image is a complex bitmap, in which case it’s better left as a bitmap file), and use the Load Movie action only when the user specifically requests a file. If a wait is unavoidable, provide a load time sequence with aprogress indicator, and have navigation load in the first 5 seconds when ever possible.


9、Design?for Accessibility?易用性设计

Make your content available to all users, including those with disabilities. Highly descriptive Alternate Tags allow your content to be interpreted by assistive technology. The magnifying Smart Clip for zoom is an other easy-to-use Macromedia Flash feature that allows more users to see your content. For an in-depth discussion about making Macromedia Flash content accessible,see the Macromedia Flash Accessibility site.

使你的内容对所有用户可用,包括残障人士。高描述性的替换标记可以使你的内容能被辅助技术所解析。变焦放大的Smart Clip是另一个易于使用Macromedia Flash的功能,允许更多的用户观看你的内容。关于更多深层次的提高Macromedia Flash可用性的讨论,请参阅Macromedia Flash帮助性网站。

10、Test?for Usability??可用性测试

Have someone with fresh eyes test drive your site to make sureit accomplishes both user goals and site goals. Even compact Macromedia Flash animations can delay users from reaching their goal, so use Macromedia Flash’s built-in Band width Profiler (located in the View menu in Test Movie mode) to analyze how well your site will perform over various band widths. Re-test the site each time you make even small changes. Make sure your site testers match the demographic of your site’s anticipated audience—especially if ?the anticipated audience includes users at various levels of comfort with site navigation.

请不同的人测试你的网站,确保它实现了用户目标和站点目标。如果压缩的Macromedia Flash动画会阻碍用户达成浏览目标,因此应该使用Macromedia Flash内置的带宽模拟工具(位于查看菜单—-测试影片模式),去分析你的站点在各种带宽下的显示效果。甚至在你每次做了微小改动之后都应该重新测试。确保你的站点测试人员符合你的目标用户的属性—–特别是如果目标用户中包含对站点浏览满意度有不同要求的用户。



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